Instrumentation development:

Pulsed Neutron

• Pulsed-Neutron Capture spectroscopy – elemental (Cl, H, Fe, Si, Ca, S, Ni, Ti, and others used for metals, minerals analysis, environmental and geochemical applications)
• Fast-neutron spectroscopy – elemental (C, O, and others used for carbon analysis), and density via induced gamma ray measurements
• Activated neutron spectroscopy – elemental (Al, V, and others for geochemical analysis)
• Fission assay – for mining (U) and environmental (Pu) applications
• Activation-based water flow measurement behind pipe – oilfield applications
• Density-through casing using fast-neutron induced gamma-rays

Porosity Measurements – for environmental, mining and oilfield applications

• Pulsed neutron
• Source-neutron with thermal neutron detection
• Source-neutron with epithermal neutron detection
• Inelastic to capture neutron technology
• Measurement while drilling
• Environmental corrections developed for all of the above measurements

Density Measurements – for oilfield applications

• source-gamma with gamma detection and environmental corrections
• pulsed neutron with inelastic gamma detection
• measurement while drilling
• multi-detector gravel-pack imaging tool
• photo electric factor

Passive Gamma Ray – for oilfield, mining and environmental applications

• gross gamma
• scintillator-based Spectral KUT
• high resolution HPGe spectroscopy
• concentration assay of contaminants (defensible calibration)
• monitor for contaminant migration

High-throughput, high-volume core tailings analysis facility for Gold-mining assays

• Very-high volume automated sample processing
• Linac-based activation
• High-resolution Au-line spectroscopy
• Real-time assay results